4 simple Instagram metrics to keep an eye on

Kerry White


March 24, 2021


2 min

Metrics are key.

If you want to improve your Instagram game (and who doesn’t), it’s important to keep track of what’s working and what’s not when it comes to your content.

Here are 4 simple metrics to track. You can use them to guide your content.  

Reach (how many other accounts see your post)

This is a great indicator of awareness. The more people that see your post = more awareness (and potentially more people talking about your business).

Engagement (how many people are liking, sharing and commenting on your post)

It’s all very well reaching a large number of people, but if they are not engaging with your content, you might need to switch things up a bit. If people are taking the time to comment or hit the heart button, it proves your content is hitting the right spot with them.

Followers (how many people follow your account)

While the number of followers you have isn’t everything, if you’re posting engaging content, you should expect to see your number of followers increase. You might have heard number of followers described as a ‘vanity metric’ – and this is true. A big following may make you feel good, but, as we said above, engagement is everything. You could have millions of followers but if none of them actually engage with you, it doesn’t really matter.

Saves (how many people are saving your post to check out later)

This tells Instagram that people are especially interested in your post. In fact, if lots of people save your post, Instagram is more likely to show it to more people.  

Put very simply, big reach + great engagement + steady increase in followers + lots of saves = winning at Instagram. If your content is falling short in one or more of these areas, you’ll probably want to shake things up a bit.

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